Transport & logistics

As an organization operating in the transportation and logistics sector, it is essential that your assets function properly. After all, downtime of your systems and machinery causes enormous impact on daily operations and can lead to significant reputational damage. But setting up a solid asset management organization is not easy. For example, you need to improve assets while keeping your processes running continuously, and qualified and experienced employees are scarce. So how do you still ensure the successful implementation of an asset management system? Compris has the solution.

Thanks to our years of experience within the transport and logistics sectors, we know that every organization is different. Our solution is therefore always customized. After a careful analysis of your current management organization, we map out how you can deploy asset management processes to save costs, control risks and increase business performance. Below are some of the services we have previously successfully delivered to organizations within the transport and logistics sector.

- Develop maintenance strategy through to technical work instructions
- Establish, monitor and manage contracts with critical service providers
- Supervise in- and outsourcing processes
- Setting up and improving the asset data decomposition and structure
- Develop visualizations for better performance management
- Interim services

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Wondering which solutions fit your organization? Feel free to contact Frank Schouten, asset management professional.

Successful asset management in practice

Case study had never been an asset owner before. An important strategic question therefore was to what extent wanted to maintain assets themselves and what kind of organization would be appropriate to outsource some of the maintenance work. Together with Compris, the asset management organization, processes and tooling were designed.

Case study APMT

Compris was asked to improve performance of the cranes and facilitating faster cycle times of the deep-sea quay cranes. Through the use of SCRUM techniques, Compris managed to improve the asset effectiveness and the deep sea quay cranes are now capable of transferring more containers per hour.

Case study RET

RET transports many passengers daily by bus, metro, ferry or streetcar in the Rotterdam region. Compris provided direction on sustainable asset management in a workshop session together with RET's fleet management department.

Case study HTM

HTM transports nearly 100 million passengers a year. The company has a massive challenge in managing and maintaining the rolling stock and infrastructure for operations. For European tender preperations, HTM asked Compris for guidance on the asset management aspects.