Semi Public

As an organization within the public sector, the themes of corporate social responsibility, sustainability and circularity are big priorities. Your organization needs to set an example. With sustainable asset management you kill two birds with one stone: you control costs and risks and contribute to a better world. We would like to show you what sustainable asset management can do for your organization.

With professional asset management, you secure safety and ensure high availability and reliability of your assets. To achieve this, creating support for the implementation of changes is the key to success. Thanks to years of experience within the semi public sector, our consultants know what to expect and can get straight to work. Below you will find a selection of services we have successfully delivered in the past.

- Support in establishing sustainable asset management
- Drafting asset management strategy, policy and goals
- Implementation of GAP analysis and guidance of the ISO55001 certification process
- Guidance in tendering processes, where you remain in control
- Translating sustainability goals into requirements and making them concrete with a value case
- Interim services

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Successful asset management in practice

Case study
Municipality of Amsterdam

By reviewing and restructuring the current inspection framework, we guided the City of Amsterdam with a clear policy and approach to monitor and inspect their civil structures (bridges and quay walls). This allows them to fulfill the ambition to professionalize risk-based management of these assets. 

Case study
Municipality of The Hague

The City of The Hague owns and operates the Hubertus Tunnel. To guarantee the availability and safety of the tunnel, Compris was asked to supervise the entire tender process. The tender involves the maintenance of the Hubertus Tunnel including the control and monitoring center.