Aviation Industry

Allowing passengers to travel in a safe and enjoyable manner is the starting point for companies within the aviation industry. Using the asset management methodology, you ensure that assets do what they are supposed to; from runway to control cabinets. We support various players in the aviation sector, taking into account important themes such as further digitalization, sustainability and circularity.

Within the aviation industry it is essential to identify risks and prevent failures in a timely manner. Not just that: your processes, assets and operations must be compliant at all times. You want to actively work on the availability, safety and reliability of your assets. Our consultants have years of experience within the aviation industry and know how to move your asset management organization forward. Compris has been working for various organisations within the Dutch aviation sector since 2000. Below you will find some of the services we provide.

- Implementing sustainable and circular management
- Design of risk-based maintenance, training and advice
- Compliance check on management processes based on applicable (international) laws and regulations
- Innovative applications to remotely monitor assets 24/7
- Establishing, monitoring and managing contracts with critical service providers
- Supervising the ISO55001 and ISO50001 certification process
- Setting up, implementing or staffing an asset data desk
- Interim services

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Wondering which solutions fit your organization? Feel free to contact Frank Schouten, asset management professional.

Successful asset management in practice

Case Study
Schiphol Baggage

We assisted the Baggage Department with optimizing their organisational design and professionalization of their asset management system. Furthermore, we prepared the certification of this system according to the ISO 55001 standard.

Case Study
Schiphol Group

Together with Royal Schiphol Group's energy team, we optimized the energy management system and ensured that the system meets the ISO 50001 requirements.

Case study
Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Compris assited Rotterdam The Hague Airport to build a solid asset management organization. Together with the assets & projects department, a strategic asset management plan was drawn up which was then translated into practical activities for each stakeholder.