Continuous improvement

With performance management, you continuously measure performance, costs and risks in order to continuously improve. this way the desired results are actually achieved. Sample questions are: are your assets contributing optimally to your primary process, and thus to organizational goals? Are the required turnaround time, reliability and productivity being achieved? Can your organization get more out of the assets? How do you optimize your assets at the interface of technology, process and use?

Standing still is going backwards; this also applies to the performance of your assets. Compris has extensive experience in performance measurement and continuous improvement of asset performance. By continuing to assess performance against asset management goals, you ensure not only more efficient operations but also higher customer satisfaction.

Compris offers organizations a helping hand in improving asset performance. Whether it concerns new or already purchased assets, together we draw up test plans, analyze the situation via a GAP or cause-effect analysis and carry out acceptance tests. Until the equipment meets the specified performance requirements.

Frank Schouten
Asset Management Professional- Business Development
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Compris has the knowledge to implement asset management methodology in a hands on and structured way. Our 60 asset management professionals ensure that organizations (re)gain control over their complex infrastructure, production and logistics systems so that these organizations can excel. We have an eye for people and prove our added value as experienced asset managers with 'people skills'. More information