Safety Statement as of Jan. 24, 2022

Compris makes every effort to provide a safe working environment. From our own staff, subcontractors and suppliers, we expect them to proactively take their responsibility to work safely. This means that we take good care of ourselves, take care of each other and the environment in which we work.

As an organization, Compris takes responsibility by providing our people with the proper knowledge and resources. Our professionals know that they are allowed to stop work immediately at any time if there is any doubt about safety. Compris will always support its personnel in this choice according to the principle "we work safely or we don't work". Compris has an up-to-date RI&E (risk inventory & evaluation) cycle and has an (internal) prevention officer to whom Compris professionals can go with any questions.

Compris provides its personnel with personal protective equipment (PPE) when the scope of the client's work requires it. This includes, in particular, entering technical areas or spaces and performing test and inspection work. The basic PPE package consists of a helmet, safety shoes and HVC (high visibility clothing). If necessary, this will be expanded in consultation with the client. This also applies if a VOG (certificate of good conduct) or other verification on a personal level is necessary.

Compris will at all times cooperate to ensure safety when performing its work, take note of its client's applicable safety requirements and act proactively where necessary.

Questions and feedback

If you have any questions about our safety statement, please contact us:

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