RET: On its way to sustainable asset management

The Rotterdam Electric Tram (RET-organization) transports many passengers daily by bus, metro or tram. Compris provided direction on sustainable asset management in a workshop session with RET's Fleet Management Department.

The Sustainable Asset Management Workshop

During the workshop, the first issues discussed were the definition of asset management and the definition of sustainability. Many sustainability initiatives fail because of the different ideas on definitions and principles. When an organization has clarity on these topics, you can be succesfull. Jointly applying the same basic principles of sustainability is key for improving in a faster way. 

Using the methodology of RDSO*, the "sustainability killers" were identified according to the following basic principles:

- We degrade nature faster than we can restore it
- We remove substances from the earth faster than nature can restore it
- We introduce foreign materials into the environment too much and too quickly
- We restrict people from fulfilling their basic needs

The participants then worked in groups to identify which RET activities have the greatest negative impact. This revealed the top three biggest causers (the top sustainability killers).

With this insight, the next step was taken. Participants started to discuss solutions together and wrote down ideas. Three of these ideas were developed into a force field analysis. Inhibiting forces weaken an initiative and stimulating forces work positively to realization.

what's next

Asset management is a steering tool between goals and activities, and sustainability is an priority to many organizations. This workshop addressed the connection between the two topics with the aim of making the priorities visible and drawing up solutions together. With this, RET has taken another step forward in awareness and the first actions are in place for implementation.

Hakan Zor, Manager Asset Management RET: "It was hands ons and wel executed! Sustainability translated to daily activities in an interactive way and very recognizable for the participants."

*RSDO: Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development.

Frank Schouten
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