Clear agreements for optimal service at Schiphol

The Asset Management department within Schiphol is responsible for the management and maintenance of assets in the terminals. In order to maintain these assets, Compris developed agreements with the different users within the organization. The result achieved made responsibilities and priorities for the different stakeholders clear. This allows them to provide their customers with optimal service.

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ASM manages and maintains assets such as elevators, escalators, fire alarm systems and lighting in the airport's terminals. ASM's clients are various departments within Schiphol Group that depend on these assets. In the event of a malfunction in one of the assets, it is necessary to minimize disruption by taking measures as quickly and adequately as possible. This requires clear agreements that must be recorded and safeguarded.

Mapping services

First, together with ASM, Compris completely mapped out the current services. Using an unambiguous format it became clear for each client which services ASM currently provides, with which performance level these are provided and which failure is given which priority. In addition, together with the clients of ASM, the desired services were mapped out in order to examine, by means of a GAP analysis, to what extent the current services correspond to what is desired by the client. When this did not match, we worked with the stakeholders to see how best to fill the "gap. Finally, in collaboration with ASM and its clients, Compris established a number of performance agreements based on this information that are currently managed on a monthly basis.

Interest of clients first

For ASM and its customers, the assignment resulted in clear agreements between all parties involved. Everyone knows what is expected, and what should happen when breakdowns occur. This avoids a lot of unnecessary conflicts. By involving all stakeholders in the process, the agreements are supported and secured within the organization. By focusing on the needs of its clients during the entire process, ASM now has the tools within reach to work on higher customer satisfaction and to provide optimal service.

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