Grip on processing spatial data

A multifaceted company like Schiphol, in addition to handling aircraft, is also involved in leasing space to retailers, restaurants and other businesses. The Permits, Data and Allocation (PDA) department has an important responsibility in processing spatial data that can be used to determine the lettable floor area. Every year on July 1, there is a statutory measuring moment when all spatial data in the data management system must be up-to-date and available. Compris takes care of the entire project organization and ensures that the July 1 deadline is met.

A big job

Processing spatial data is a big job that doesn't just requires processing files, but also requires physical measurements on site. In addition, data must be mutated in various systems and floor utilization must be determined. To meet the deadline, Compris introduced a tight schedule on which daily coordination and management took place. During the project, quick wins were defined and implemented on the job. For example, time was saved by rearranging the tasks and processes for each employee. We also paid a lot of attention to the human side within the project team. From personal support and motivation to, for example, a 'Daily Vitamin Energizer' (or smoothie) to give the team spirit an extra boost. All this ensured that we managed to meet the deadline.

Grip on the process

Compris has implemented a shortened, clear and efficient work process, based on clear agreements and clear deliverables. For Schiphol this means more grip on the process, more transparency for the stakeholders and being able to meet the legal requirements and regulations. The delivered work has been so successful that the entire team has been asked to continue their work and implement further optimizations. This way all data and information for the next audit is secured through the regular process.

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