Continuous improvement with lean methods at Gasunie

Gasunie transports gas for a quarter of the EU's total gas consumption.  Their assets have different life cylces. Some are now more than 50 years old. This requires precise risk management achieving safe and reliable gas transport. Since 2015, Compris has played a role in the 3rd line of defense, namely performing operational audits. Compris applies asset management and operational excellence expertise.

Within their improvement programs, we assisted Gasunie to learn more about which processes need to be improved to further strengthen asset direction, manage risks and increase efficiency," says Roger Vermeire, Asset Management Professional at Compris.

Source: Gasunie,

Operational audits

An operational audit is an independent investigation, commissioned by the board, that focuses on risk areas. The audit team tests the effectiveness of management control and risk management, engages in substantive discussion and forms its own view. Is the necessary knowledge and experience secured? Is there structural management attention verifying and continuously improving standards? Are developments in the field of legislation and regulations, technology but also, for example, cybercrime, looked at sufficiently?

Continuous improvement

Gasunie implemented improvement programs using lean methods and techniques. Thorough analysis of processes, based on facts and then getting to the heart of the default of the process is crucial. To improve means getting a lot of practice.  The experience that Compris has built up over the past 2 decases with continuous improvement in asset-dominated companies means that we can also make a contribution to these Gasunie improvement programs.

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Performance management

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