Baggage system mapping at Schiphol

underneath the surface of Schiphol Airport unprecedentedly large baggage area is located. Over last ten years, the baggage system has expanded extensively. This created the desire for a clear overview of the system. To realize this, Compris provided an up-to-date database that created overview, control and peace of mind in the organization.

The baggage system is an important factor in Schiphol's baggage handling performance. Every single passangers needs to arrive at their destination with undamaged suitcase. Furthermore the waiting time upon return should be as short as possible. The baggage system plays an essential role in achieving this goal.

The system, including IT hardware, software and information, is under the management of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol's Baggage Management Department. In its ongoing efforts to reduce costs and improve quality, the department asked Compris to help back in 2003. Not only because the system had expanded extensively, but also because the Baggage department wanted to introduce process-oriented working (IPW) in the near future.

Strategic asset management

Since 2003, Compris has provided strategic investment/modification, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) reduction, tactical process design, contract agreements and improve direction between client and contractors.

Working with the department, Compris mapped the entire baggage system: thousands of items and their interrelationships. In addition, information needs were examined and tooling was set up for document management, software management, maintenance and configuration management.

Solid foundation for IPW

The result is overview, control and peace within the organization . A solid basis for the introduction of a process-oriented way of working. The equipped up-to-date database contains all relevant asset data. This enables the right decisions, for example in the area of maintenance planning and contract management. This has improved the performance of the assets and the organization. Reliability has increased and also stability and predictability throughout the service chain. Moreover, the Baggage Department now owns its own information and is less dependent on its suppliers. Finally, some significant financial savings have been realized in, for example, better scoping of maintenance tasks.

Frank Schouten
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