Haal het maximale uit installaties, machines én mensen

Met gedegen assetmanagement zorgen organisaties dat zij waarde realiseren met hun assets. Hierbij zijn doelstellingen en het nemen van besluiten op basis van feiten essentieel. En dit niet alleen, als organisatie wil je ook verantwoord verduurzamen, vertrouwen op systemen, succesvol samenwerken, continu verbeteren en effectief risico’s beheersen. Benieuwd hoe je met effectief assetmanagement het maximale uit assets haalt? Wij beschikken over de benodigde expertise om hierbij te ondersteunen.

Requirements management
What needs and requirements exist within your organization in terms of asset management and what objectives are realistic? With the use of requirements management we map this out. We interview the stakeholders involved and ensure that specifications of a new system are in line with your needs and requirements. In addition, we secure the requirements within your organization so you can monitor the performance of your systems and machines throughout the entire life cycle. This gives you the assurance that you will achieve your goals and thus stay one step ahead of the competition.
Maintenance management
Systems and machinery within your organization are the foundation of your operations. It is logical that you want to rely on your assets. With smart maintenance management, you organize your maintenance as effectively as possible and you know exactly which assets are critical to your business processes. We help you formulate the maintenance strategy, the maintenance plan and set up the associated tools. Of course, you can also use us to redefine work processes and train and coach your employees.
Performance management
It's essential to keep improving the organization; this also applies to asset performance. Whether it is providing insight into the OEE, the MTBF, the MTBR or a check to which extent KPIs have been achieved, analysis is essential to further improve the performance of your assets and your organization. We offer support in the field of performance measurement and analysis with the aim of providing insight into the performance and improvement potential.
Sustainable Asset Management
With asset management, you are assured that you have everything under control. We help you build a solid and sustainable asset management organization. This will give you an overview of the assets, you will know how the systems and machines relate to each other, and you will be able to rely on professionals who control the entire system. We support you with an audit that provides insight into your current position. Based on the results, we set up an assetmanagement plan.
Asset data management
Data is the key to success; making asset management decisions is no different. With asset data management, you gain insight into the management of all assets. For example, you will know exactly how systems are performing in relation to the goals set. We present all data in a clear database and take care of setting up the tools correctly and training your employees. From that moment on you make decisions based on facts.
Contract Management
Clear agreements are the basis for successful cooperation with your suppliers. An absolute must for the successful management of your assets. We help you with your contract management. For example, we review existing contracts to check whether suppliers fulfill agreements. We also make proposals to align contracts closely with your organizational objectives. And when issueing a tender, or outsourcing part of your management and maintenance? Even then you can benefit from our expertise.

Compris works only for asset owners to ensure our impartiality and independence.

Risk Management
Understanding risks to your organization and assets allows you to take timely action. We identify the risks and help you draw up management measures. You will find everything clearly presented in a dashboard customized for your organization. This way you will know exactly which risks require active control, what the mitigating measures and associated costs are, and which officers in your organization are responsible.