Successful collaboration with our asset management professionals

Maintenance management, contract management and effective data management are essential to your organization. In addition to the right tooling, you need the right knowledge, competencies and capacity. Qualified personnel is hard to find, that's quite a challenge for many organizations. Our professionals can help out by assisting your project or providing temporary support.

Our asset managers, contract managers and technical specialists have the right knowledge, understand business dynamics and get straight to work!

Asset managers

Effective asset management improves asset performance levels and helpt to control risks and costs. Sustainable asset management goesbeyond the maintenance of assets. Our asset managers know this like no other and have the right expertise to optimize your asset management system.

Contract Managers

Your organization's success partially depends on service parties and suppliers. Key to any successful cooperation is to have a clear understanding of what's been agreed on by both parties to achieve certain goal(s). Our contract managers provide your organization with an overview of current contracts, monitor and manage these contracts and provide valuable input when it comes to creating new contracts with service providers.

Energy specialists

Effective energy management. Would you like to demonstrate your organization is at the forefront of sustainability? You can count on our energy specialists to help in achieving just that. They can set up the energy management system that will help you to meet your energy targets now and in the future.

Process optimization

At Olam, one of our asset management professionals joined the Technical Services Team to help out.