Improve business performance with sustainable asset management

Achieving sustainability goals is on top of the agenda for many organizations. On the one hand because governments, employees and clients demand this, and on the other hand because as an organization you want to contribute to a better world. With sustainable asset management, you can be confident that your assets meet the objectives set by your organization. But how do you design effective asset management? We would like to help you.

We help organizations design and build a solid asset management organization. Working according to the asset management methodology (the NEN-ISO55001) means that your organization effectively translates your strategic goals, tactical processes and operational execution. This brings control to the organization and gives direction to your assets.

Compris ensures that the right match is made between your issue and our professionals to ensure you can rely on an effective and sustainable/circular asset management system.

Compris makes asset management work for organizations. With over 60 asset management professionals, we ensure that organizations (re)gain control over their complex infrastructure, production and logistics systems. Compris understands technology and the people who work with it. This combination enables us to successfully support organizations in their journey towards asset management maturity. Compris professionals are characterized by their pragmatic and professional attitude.

Strategy and policy
Sustainable asset management starts with a clear strategy and policy. Our experienced consultants will map your current assets and help draw up an asset management plan. This provides your organization with a strategic plan that gives a clear picture of the life cycle of the assets, the most important stakeholders and the risks and opportunities. How do you get the most value from your asset portfolio? In what way does your organization contribute to society? We help you to build the value case.

But how to implement the formulated strategy? We guide your organization in devising, defining and setting up the asset management organization. For example, what roles are there in terms of managing the assets? After establishing the strategy and policy, the organization is ready for the next step: actually implementing the established plans.

Implementing and execution
No matter how professional and sustainable your strategy and policies are, sustainable asset management hinges on implementation and execution. We help you build a solid asset management organization. We do this, for example, by making clear agreements with suppliers in order to achieve set goals. In addition to contract management, our expertise in the field of asset data management provides insight into workable data structures so you can make decisions based on facts. And of course we provide training, workshops and support for your employees. After all, they are the most important link in the creation of an effective asset management system.
Evaluate and improve
To achieve truly sustainable asset management, it is essential to keep evaluating and improving. Our consultants can support your organization in this process. Think for example of an evaluation of the set of performance indicators, the asset management system, the asset management processes and the competence matrix. These evaluations, audits and reviews provide your company with a wealth of information that we then use to draft and implement improvements. So you can be sure that your asset management system is solid. Now and in the future.

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Our enthusiastic asset management professionals ensure that our clients regain control of their complex infrastructure, production and logistics systems, enabling them to excel. We understand professional management and have an eye for the people who work with it. Compris works exclusively for asset owners and will gladly assist your organization as an independent expert to realize a pragmatic and sustainable asset management system'. More information.

Practical examples of successful asset management

Case Study
Schiphol Group

Together with Royal Schiphol Group's energy team, we optimized the energy management system and ensured that the system meets the ISO 50001 requirements.

Case study
Municipality of Amsterdam

By reviewing and restructuring the current inspection framework, we guided the City of Amsterdam with a clear policy and approach to monitor and inspect their civil structures (bridges and quay walls). This allows them to fulfill the ambition to professionalize risk-based management of these assets. 

Case study had never been an asset owner before. An important strategic question therefore was to what extent wanted to maintain assets themselves and what kind of organization would be appropriate to outsource some of the maintenance work. Together with Compris, the asset management organization, processes and tooling were designed.

Case study

HTM transports nearly 100 million passengers a year. The company has a massive challenge in managing and maintaining the rolling stock and infrastructure for operations. For European tender preperations, HTM asked Compris for guidance on the asset management aspects.