To gain the most out of the qualities of the people and physical resources, asset management is not an option, but a must. But how do organizations shape that in an integral and sustainable way? How do they make the transition from acting reactively today to proactively anticipating tomorrow? As partners in sustainable asset management, we help organizations to make their business operations more sustainable and grow towards a fully circular way of asset management.


We believe that smart asset management makes the world more sustainable.
As pioneers and knowledge experts in our field, we know better than anyone else
how to get from essential maintenance to sustainable asset management.


We are Compris. The partner in sustainable asset management.

Sustainability is part of our vision and an important part of our asset management activities. Ultimately, asset management is also about the life cycle and the responsible extension of the life of physical assets. When replacing or implementing physical assets, a sustainable asset is important to our clients. After all, you want to be able to move forward with the physical assets for years to come. We translate this approach into our own business operations and we strive for a CO2-conscious business operation. As a partner in sustainable asset management, the starting point of all the activities we perform is to minimize our environmental impact and work towards a fully circular service.

We strive to reduce our environmental impact through three pillars:

    1. Reducing Compris' carbon footprint;
    2. To encourage and inspire our employees to reduce the CO2 footprint by providing information & training and by communicating practical CO2, energy, and material-reducing measures;
    3. Reducing the carbon footprint and material use at our customers/partners by:
      • - Preparation of asset management recommendations;
      • - Conducting asset management projects;
      • - Providing asset management services;
      • - providing information and exchanging knowledge at knowledge platforms and sector initiatives

In which we provide our clients with practical criteria and applications to perform fully sustainable and circular asset management. So that our clients get practical tools to add value in their own supply chain.

Each year we formulate CO2 reduction targets that we continuously monitor, measure, analyze in order to continuously improve. If necessary, we take additional measures during the year to achieve our long-term goals. Our long-term goals are:

- Carbon neutral by 2030;
- Energy neutral by 2035;
- Energy positive by 2040;
- Fully circular services by 2045.

We are implementing our long-term goals and our circular asset management methodology under the name Compris Circular. More information about the program and related projects will be published on the Compris website in 2022. Part of this is information about the progress in reducing our own electricity, gas and fuel consumption and the sector and chain initiatives in which Compris participates.

A program to reduce electricity, gas and fuel consumption has been established for the CO2 performance ladder. A summary of all relevant documents is shown below:

Category:PDF icons - Wikimedia CommonsNews Release 2019
Category:PDF icons - Wikimedia CommonsNews Release 2020
Category:PDF icons - Wikimedia CommonsNews Release 2021
Category:PDF icons - Wikimedia CommonsNews release 2022 (first half of the year)
Category:PDF icons - Wikimedia CommonsSector and chain initiatives 2023
Category:PDF icons - Wikimedia CommonsCO2-Aware Certificate Level 3
Category:PDF icons - Wikimedia CommonsCO2 management plan Compris v2.0
Category:PDF icons - Wikimedia CommonsCO2 reduction plan Compris 2023-2030

For more information on the CO2 performance ladder, visit the website of the Foundation for Climate Friendly Procurement & Business (SKAO)

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