ISO55001 or ISO50001 certification- hands on approach

As a professional organization, you may want to show customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees that your organization has a sound asset management system. You can demonstrate this by using the ISO55001 standard for professional asset management. In case you'd rather show your organization is leading in efficient energy management? You can achieve this by using the ISO50001.

Do you need assistance in achieving certain ISO certifications? We know how to comply with ISO55001 and ISO50001, as well as having the right knowledge to optimize your processes and guide your journey towards certification.

Asset Management - ISO55001

Is the sustainable management of assets of vital importance to your organization? Or is the availability and reliability of your assets of major concern? With ISO55001, you can demonstrate that your asset management system meets the highest standards.

In order to be certified, it is important that the asset management system meets the specified requirements. We guide organizations through the entire process of certification. As a starting point, we analyse your processes and create a Fit-Gap analysis. We compare the results with the requirements of the ISO55001. In case of a gap between your way of working and the ISO requirements, we will advise and guide your orgnanization to optimize your asset management system. We can support the certification process by conducting a pre-certification audit. subsequently we assist in selecting an independent auditor to conduct and supervise the actual audit.

Energiemanagement – ISO50001

With ISO50001 you can independantly demonstrate your organization meets the highest standard on energy management as well as the requirements of the Temporary Regulation European Energy Directive (TR(EED)).

We have developed an approach that prepares your system for certification. First, we begin with a Baseline Assessment to determine the level of energy management within your organization. Based on the results, you will receive a plan of approach indicating the necessary steps to professionalize the energy management system. We draw up the plan and guide you during the execution of the external audit.

Would you like to make sure your organization is ready for a sustainable future? In addition to ISO50001 certification, we can assist to draw up an energy efficiency plan.

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ISO55001 in practice

Schiphol baggage is ISO55001 certified. Interested to know how they achieved this?

ISO50001 in practice

ISO50001 certification for Schiphol, a big step towards an energy-positive Schiphol in 2050