Long-term quality goals

This policy has been developed to communicate what quality means to Compris Consulting B.V. As a professional service provider and consultant, we are committed to striving for quality at all times. This is reflected in a philosophy of 'quality over quantity'; in our service to clients, in the commitment of our employees and responsibility to all stakeholders.

We want to exceed customer expectations in relation to safety, sustainability and delivering value. This is only possible if we are committed to developing a healthy and value-creating organizational culture. This policy aims to continuously improve our services, taking into account the context of the organization, stakeholder interests and regulatory requirements.

Our specific quality objectives are in line with our strategy to grow (professionalize) as an internal organization in support of revenue goals and are aimed at achieving:

- Serving customers, employees and stakeholders efficiently and effectively;
- Uniform and process-oriented operations;
- Safety and sustainability;
- Continuous improvement.


This policy is reviewed annually during the management review and assessed for appropriateness. Based on this, a plan is developed in which quantified goals are set.

Compris maintains an efficient and effective quality management system that is based on and complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Annually, Compris undergoes internal audits to assess whether the system still correspond to its intended purpose. This is followed by an audit by a certified external agency to determine whether the quality policy established and the ISO 9001:2015 standard are adequately complied with.

Our clients

Customer needs represent the highest priority in our operations. Our commitment is to proactively (under)seek, define and simultaneously take care of customer needs with sustainable added value without creating false expectations.

Our community

Compris is committed to supporting communities within which we operate. We believe in exercising social responsibility and encourage similar behavior among our employees and suppliers.
We support the preservation of the environment and avoid environmental pollution. We proactively comply with all applicable safety, environmental and legal requirements. Compris achieved the CO2 Performance Ladder (level 3) in 2022 and strives at all times to make our business activities more sustainable.

Our services

We meet applicable standards and customer requirements, and we are committed to providing processes that meet them so that we operate a robust, sustainable and socially responsible business.

Our people

Compris is committed to equality, embracing cultural diversity. The well-being of our employees is paramount in the way we act. Compris has committed itself to:

  • Creating and nurturing an environment of success based on honesty and integrity;
    - Sharing proportionately in the company's successes;
    - Reinforcement through training and communication;
    - Individual growth and equal opportunity;
    - Designing and nurturing a safe work environment.

Our enthusiastic asset management professionals ensure that our clients regain control of their complex infrastructure, production and logistics systems, enabling them to excel. We understand professional management and have an eye for the people who work with it. Compris works exclusively for asset owners and will gladly assist your organization as an independent expert to realize a pragmatic and sustainable asset management system'. More information.