Value-driven property management

The NEN 8026 for value-based property management is currently under development and publication is expected in 2023. The NEN standards committee is expected to come out with a new standard in mid-2023 to help determine maintenance requirements for existing physical assets in the built environment. These requirements can vary over time, by asset and by location. They

KIVI Webinar

In cooperation with KIVI, Compris organized the Webinar "Asset Life Cycle & Asset Management Activities" for KIVI supporters and other interested parties. KIVI is the Royal Institute of Engineers and consists of several professional departments including Asset & Maintenance Management Fellow Marco van der Kruijf (Asset Management Professional) took the participants into this world

A concrete step further in our sustainable business practices

Compris guides clients to contribute in an effective and sustainable way to their asset management system. Improving the (asset) management system basically never stops. The basis remains to continuously improve in order to excel. When you have control over your asset portfolio or area, you experience

Meet the Combination Audeta Engineers!

With the award of the cooperation framework agreement (SROK) for engineering services, Rijkswaterstaat has chosen 21 parties in the Dutch market including our combination Audeta Ingenieurs. Our name arose from two common characteristics that brought us together as a combination: 1. The ambition to want to do even more for "eau d'état" (Rijks-waterstaat). 2. As a combination have

Compris Consulting puts focus on Asset Data Management through acquisition of NoMondai

Due to increasing demand in the field of Asset Data Management, Compris Consulting has decided to acquire knowledge partner NoMondai. Former owner and managing consultant Alfons Kemper joins Compris and with his years of experience in CMMS implementations adds his knowledge to the service portfolio of Compris. Mitch van der

Compris is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

It all started 20 years ago with the entrepreneurial spirit of Ren van 't Slot. Steadfastly he rolled out - Compris into what it is today: a healthy organization with an enthusiastic group of Asset Management Professionals. Early this year, Van 't Slot handed over the baton of Managing Director to Mitch van der Heijden. An experienced

Compris achieves ISO 9001 quality management certification

Compris achieved ISO certification for quality management, ISO 9001:2015, in September 2019. The certification focuses on quality management, to be used for both manufacturing companies and service providers. ISO 9001 is a proof of quality of services and internal processes, continuous improvements in this area and improving efficiency. In external audits, our organization was recognized by

Connection: not easy, but simple

Even rock-hard assets have a soft side: the people who work with them. Therefore a warm plea for connection and communication as an important part of performance management and continuous improvement. Where does it go wrong? An improvement team identifies a problem with the asset and implements a change. From one day to the next, the

Trends in asset management: 3D printing

The world of asset management is continuously improving. Several changes are taking place on the technical front. Whereas mechanics used to work on an operational level in the field, today sound cameras, thermal cameras and advanced vibration meters can be used. But there are more technology-driven trends, such as applying

Trends in asset management: augmented reality

The world of asset management is continuously improving. Several changes are taking place on the technical front. Whereas mechanics used to work on an operational level in the field, today sound cameras, thermal cameras and advanced vibration meters can be used. But there are more technology-driven trends, such as applying

Asset management trends

What are the main trends in Asset Management? Compris has summarized them for you in a trends sheet. From sustainability to aging and from blockchain to energy transition. Plenty to think about! 3D printing 3D printing is a manufacturing technique that converts a digital file (CAD file) into a tangible object. A 3D printer builds the

The rise of 'Automated Warehouses' in the Netherlands

'Just build a warehouse!?' When it comes to logistics and infrastructure, the Netherlands has been at the top of Europe for decades. The demanding and critical consumer has contributed in part to innovations in automation and logistics systems and the emergence of automated warehouses. E-commerce Dutch consumer confidence in the

Here's how to deploy a drone for asset management

We think anything that flies is cool, and so we ended up at two drone events: first at an NVDO meeting on drone inspections, and then at the TUSExpo on Unmanned Systems. Because we love gadgets, mostly to explore what drones can do in asset management. Because drones can throw down life preservers

Why we need more women in engineering

When Compris just existed there were three of us in charge. Three men with a technical background, together with two more men in one room. That was asking for trouble. The atmosphere in our office was characterized by cockiness, bad jokes and a constant battle over who was right. One colleague couldn't take it

strong in asset management

We can clearly see that the asset management profession is evolving. More and more managers see the added value of asset management. They can direct and prioritize actions more fact based. Additionaly it's easier to demonstrate the negative consequences for quality in case of cost reductionan. A good

Participants rate basic Asset Management training with an 8.5

On Friday, October 28 and November 4, a number of employees from HTM, Schiphol and Groningen Seaports attended the two-day basic training course "The importance of good asset management." Information or advice? Managing complex assets is a daily challenge for many organizations. The training offers tools for achieving optimal alignment between strategy and

'Sustainability Ambitions and Asset Management' hands on seminar

Asset management contributes automatically to your sustainability ambitions On November 29, 2016, PPS Netwerk, together with Balance and Compris, is organizing the practical seminar 'Realizing Sustainability Ambitions with Asset Management.' How do you use Asset Management to steer for maximum improvement of construction and maintenance assignments in the long term?

Attention to Sustainable Asset Management is growing

Some 50 participants from government and organizations attended the Sustainable Asset Management workshops held on June 9 and September 22 this year. They were enthusiastic and labeled the workshops as "inspiring, enlightening and hand on." The positive interest is accompanied by a growing desire to make organizations aware of the benefits

First certificates ISO55001 awarded

Friday, September 9, 2016, the first certificates for ISO 55001 (Asset Management) in accordance with the NEN certification scheme were issued. By obtaining this certificate, organizations demonstrate that they manage their assets well and thereby contribute to achieving the organization's (strategic) goals. As a member of the Committee of Experts, Compris has contributed to

Sustainable Asset Management Workshop

Sustainability and Asset Management, "We should start doing something," everybody agrees. But what? And how? Do we actually know what we mean when we use these terms? And do we really mean the same thing? On Thursday, September 22, Railforum is organizing a workshop focusing on the integration of sustainability with (existing) asset management systems.

New headquarters

In order to continue facilitating the growth and ambitions of Compris, Compris is moving into new headquarters as of September 1, 2016. Schipholweg 655 in Lijnden This office is centrally located, near the A4, A5 and A9 freeways and offers sufficient space and parking facilities to optimally support our clients, professionals and back office. In addition, this office offers us

Steering on sustainability with assets

Make sure the requirements of your assets align with your organization's sustainability goals. What contribution can your assets make to achieving those objectives? Adjust your maintenance management and requirements management accordingly. The Natural Step offers starting points. Once upon a time, there was a Swedish oncologist. This Karl-Henrik Robèrt found

Eemsdelta Expo: What is the quality of your assets?

Spend the maintenance budget on new assets (replacement)? Or rather invest in modifications and life extension of existing assets (business case)? The question within every organization. When for example are you going to replace the assets? What exactly are the advantages and disadvantages ? And are there any alternatives? During the Eems Delta Expo

Practice Seminar Sustainability Ambitions and Asset Management

Does there ring a bell when when saying you can achieve your sustainability ambitions with Asset Management? On June 9, 2016, PPS Network is organizing the practical seminar "Realizing Sustainability Ambitions with Asset Management. Together with consultancy firm Balance, Compris is hosting this interactive meeting. What exactly is sustainable Asset Management?

How do I avoid big data?

Turn big data into smart data. An asset manager loves data. Data provides insight into the ins and outs of assets. It's a solid foundation for predictive maintenance. But why would you avoid big data? And how do you make your data smart? Read our blog, "How do I avoid

Inspiration: 'Directing assets' guide

Management control, peace of mind and a stable system? And be able to excel and thus distinguish yourself from your competitors? These are the ingredients for the handy illustration we developed. It offers you in one overview a guideline

Compris concludes anniversary year with 'must read' magazine

Directing assets is the credo. No downtime, but continuity. That's what all asset managers want. Business continuaty is very important. If you organize this well, asset management contributes to this. With an eye for that continuity, Compris provides specialist knowledge of all facets of asset management. Compris is experiencing its

Compris brings energy managers together

In cooperation with Alliander, Compris organized the Energienetwerkdag meeting in Duiven on February 18. Network operators of gas, electricity and water attended. During this day network operators were able to share their knowledge, experiences and best practices. This enabled us to identify opportunities in this sector. Creating synergy much discussed

Corporate Member 'The Institute of Asset Management'

In addition to being a member of this leading and international non-profit organization, Compris is also recognized to provide certified Asset Management training. Often partial optimizations take place during the lifetime of physical assets (e.g. during the operation phase) and companies lack an integral approach. The ISO55001 (formerly: PAS 55) describes guidelines particularly for

Recognized certification scheme ISO55001 certification imminent

Control of your asset management management and business processes is necessary for the continuity of your operations. Organize your management and business processes according to the asset management standard ISO55000 series (formerly PAS55) and you are a big step closer to this control. The ISO55000 series offer companies good guidance for setting up asset management, however, was